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About company

FREE-Z trade mark belongs to German company Carberry GmbH, that manufactures spare parts and components for cars from leading world brands.

Carberry GmbH company portfolio includes BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR, CARBERRY brands. All of them present a wide range of products - over 10.000 items - automotive components from different item groups, such as braking systems, cooling systems, shock absorbers, transmissions, filters, suspension elements, autolamps and wiper blades.
Carefully selected range of products, complete logistics system, balanced price strategy, high product variability, multi-step product certification system - are the key competitive advantages of all our company's brands.

All Carberry GmbH factories are certified in system ISO/TS 16949:2009. Each production site has research centers that control all production processes and guarantee the highest quality and reliability of our automotive components.

Each Carberry brand strictly corresponds to one product group. This ensures that people working on FREE-Z radiators are constructors and engineers who specialize in car radiators and who create ideal car components precisely in this field, not just quality automotive components in general.
Such conceptual approach to automotive components manufacturing mentioned above allowed the creation of optimal range of products. Constantly expanding Carberry dealer network is a confirmation of the high demand for the company's products.

Carberry GmbH: working advantages for professionals

  1. Wide range of automotive components (more than 10.000 products) with attractive pricing;
  2. Variability of parts (can be used on over 17.000 different car models) and flexible pricing strategy cause high product turn-over;
  3. Constant updates to the range of products (at least 500 new items every year) guarantees: listed products in catalog will always be in high demand on the market;
  4. Carefully thought-out logistics ensures fast delivery for ordered goods, order completion and availability of all items in stock on regular basis;
  5. Extended warranty on all items;
  6. Multi-channel feedback system for company's partners and dealers with manufacturers;
  7. Technological, marketing and trading support for all Carberry GmbH dealers and partners.