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Expansion of the range of pumps under the FREE-Z brand

The German company Carberry GmbH is pleased to announce the expansion of the range of cooling system pumps manufactured under the FREE-Z brand. Our assortment has been replenished with more than 20 new articles, which are already available for order from our warehouse.


The primary principle of operation of the pump is to circulate the coolant through the car's cooling system. This component is one of the most important elements in the car engine cooling system. A defective pump entails overheating of the engine and, in the future, its failure.


FREE-Z brand water pump bodies are made of aluminum alloys, cast iron, or high strength composite materials. To avoid the occurrence of microcracks or any other manufacturing defects, we apply ultrasonic quality control of the pump body casting. A high-quality oil seal resistant to exposure by the chemical composition of antifreeze and an impeller made of high-strength plastic or metal are the components of FREE-Z water pumps that provide long-term reliable operation process. Our engineers use advanced technologies during the production, so the impeccable quality of products can be achieved.


Thanks to the current expansion, the FREE-Z range has been replenished with water pumps for the most popular models in automotive market, for example:


• Article KP0297 for AUDI A4/A5/A6 07->;

• Article KP0306 for SSANGYONG Actyon/Kyron 05->;

• Article KP0314 for GEELY Atlas 16->.


Usage of FREE-Z autocomponents is a guarantee of reliable cooling operation for your engine and air conditioning in your car. All the elements of the FREE-Z cooling system have certificates permitting their use both in the EU countries and in the Russian Federation and countries of the Customs Union. All Carberry GmbH factories are certified according to the ISO / TS 16949: 2009 quality system. All brand products have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Expansion of the range of FREE-Z thermostats on the automotive components market

Recently the German company Carberry GmbH has presented a large increase in the range of blowers and radiator fans under the FREE-Z brand on the autocomponents market. Today the company's technical specialists are pleased to announce the expansion of the range of thermostats that form another important product group of the car’s cooling system.

The thermostat is an important element that controls the coolant flow in the engine cooling system. It is responsible for the engine to quickly reach its service temperature and avoid overheating. All Free-Z thermostats are 100% quality tested, which ensures reliable cooling system operation on whole.


The following articles can be marked among the new thermostats:


  • Article KT0204 for HYUNDAI Solaris/ i10/ i20/ i30/ i40/ ix20/ ix35/ Creta 10->;
  • Article KT0216 for CHEVROLET Cruze/Orlando/Aveo 12->;
  • Article KT0189 for AUDI A1/A3/Q3 03->.


The Carberry GmbH specialists have created a system for product authentication in which every item is given its unique QR-code, marked on the package. You can use this code at the moment of purchase to check compatibility of purchased thermostat with one or another car model.

The usage of FREE-Z autocomponents is a guarantee of reliable cooling operation for your car’s engine. All the elements of the FREE-Z cooling system are certified and have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Advanced technical solutions of the company's engineers can significantly improve the efficiency of the car's cooling system.